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CNS001 Astaxanthin-Haematococcus pluvialis

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Natural Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant from Haematococcus pluvialis.


Astaxanthin 2.0%HPLC, 

Astaxanthin 2.5%HPLC

Astaxanthin 3.0%HPLC

Astaxanthin 5.0% HPLC 

Astaxanthin 10.0% HPLC

Clover Nutrition offers Natural Astaxanthin haematococcus powder, kosher certified astaxanthin manufacturer.

Clover Nutrition is a manufacturer of tea products, herbal extract, functional food. Main Product are Icariin 20%, Lutein 20%, Zeaxanthin 10%, Astaxanthin 2%.

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Astaxanthin Details

Latin Name: Haematococcus pluvialis.

Specifications:  1-5% Astaxanthin

Appearance:   Dark Red Fine Powder

Application:  Cosmtic, Eye, Joints, Etc

Astaxanthin Specification

Astaxanthin 2.0%HPLC & UV

Astaxanthin 2.5%HPLC & UV

Astaxanthin 3.0%HPLC & UV

Astaxanthin 5.0% HPLC & UV

Astaxanthin Oil 10.0% HPLC & UV

Astaxanthin Function

100% natural astaxanthin  ingredient is  exactly what gives it the force to swim upstream for the days to arrive at its spawning grounds.  During any strenuous physical exercise or activity, the body releases a large number of free radicals. The free radical scavenging activity of astaxanthin helps to build strength and endurance. Lactic acid gets deposited on muscles during physical exertion resulting in a burning sensation. Natural astaxanthin reduces the levels of lactic acid deposits in muscles, boosting endurance. Those who aspire for a flawless, spotless skin and lustrous healthy hair should include asataxanthin supplements with their diet as this nutrient can prevent the ultra violet rays of the sun from damaging skin and scalp.

Astaxanthin offers powerful natural protection against the harm caused by free radicals.








100% Natural Astaxanthin Powder
100% Natural Astaxanthin 10% Oil
100% Natural Haematococcs Pluvialis Powder
20-50 times stronger than synthetic astaxanthin
65 times stronger than Vitamin C
14 times stronger than viatamin E
54 times stronger than beta-carotene
Asataxanthin WorkShop

Clover Nutrition's Astaxanthin production facility features sealed, with glass tubes, which insures a very clean , safe uncontaminated environments for the production of Astaxanthin. Sustainable production is currently at 4-tons per year and available for immediate and sustainable shipments world-wide.

Astaxanthin Packing

A. < 15KG, used box as outside, plastic bag inside.

B. > 15KG in drum as outside, plastic bag inside,, normally weight as 25KG/Drum, drum size 0.0625CBM

Buy Astaxanthin
Buy Astaxanthin

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