100% Natural Astaxanthin 3% HPLC Haematococcus Pluvialis Powder

1. 100% Natural Astaxanthin 3%HPLC Haematococcus Pluvialis Powder.


2. USD410.0/KG in one bag.


3. Dark Red Color


4. COA and sample shall be offered. Please contact with sales@clovernutrition or info@clovercn.com


5. Clover Nutrition offers courier/air/sea shipping. Courier and air always in 7 working days you shall reveived goods, sea shipping is 25-40 days.


6. Clover export to France, Germany, Spain, Colombia, UK, Amercian, Canada, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Etc. If you need any suggestion for Herbal extract international trade, please contact us via info@clovercn.com.

  • Quality Confirmation Policy

    1. Goods will confirm with COA.


    2. The person receiving the delivery should inspect the goods before signing the receipt. if packing appears 
    sufficiently damaged to warrant concern, goods should be rejected to accept.   
    3. In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be filed by the buyer within 30 days after the arrival of the goods 
    at port of destination, while for quantity discrepancy, claim should be filed by the buyer within 10 days after the 
    arrival of the goods at port of destination. 
    4. Clover Nutrition is proud to meet our customers' demand for validated quality and better value. 
         If there is any question, please contact with your sales support(sales@aclovernutrition.com) 
    or customer service Amanda Wang(info@clovercn.com). 

$410.00 一般價格



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